Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Cape Tulip

ABC Wednesday
Cape Tulip
Moraea ochroleuca
(mor-ah-EE-uh) (ock-roh-LEW-kuh)

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Last week I was in no shape to post for ABC Wednesday. It snapped a streak of posts that started with the first ‘A’. I am participating again today with some ‘O’range pictures.

This first flower is a beauty. I shot this at Wave Hill Gardens in the Bronx a few weeks ago and was originally going to use it for my ‘M’ post. It fits in ‘O’ since the species name is ochroleuca and it is orange colored. It is native of South Africa and is known as the South African Iris or Cape Tulip. You will have to grow it in pots unless you are in a frost-free location.

Speaking of frost we are under a frost warning * rolleyes * here in Connecticut for tonight and tomorrow night. I am sick of that. I want to start planting.

These are some orange Tulips I saw on Sunday when I was buying some trees. They were a nice shape and color. There aren’t too many houses I garden at that I can plant Tulips because of the deer so I am always admiring other peoples.

Finally for ‘O’ here is an Oxalis flower. Normally grown for its foliage I think the flowers are pretty too.


i beati said...

never saw a cape tuli that last shot sooo unusual

Minkydo said...

Gorgeous flowers!

FO - 2 said...

Beautiful orange flowers! :)))
The Oxalis flower is cute.

I will add you to my link list.
Hope it`s fine with you.


Anonymous said...

Yes! The deers eat them up here too. Also at the cemetary, only the stems is left. Fine post with wonderful pictures.

imac said...

Beautiful O post.

Please fly over to visit my O.Post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers.

Bela said...

i love tulips..

mine is up. hope you can check it out too:

Happy WW!

mrsnesbitt said...

My tulips are just popping through! Wonderful!

Petunia said...

Beautiful flowers:)

Rebecca said...

Very pretty! But there's just something about yellow flowers that I really really like :-) Happy WW :)

Neva said...

the orange in these flowers is very nice. My tulips bit the dust with the frost we had the other night. I too am ready to plant!

Anonymous said...

These photos are great. I love flowers. But I love the color even better. The last one with the yellow flower at the front with the others in the background get cool points. LOL

Happy WW!

Anonymous said...

I did not saw a cape tulip before...Happy WW! mine is up...

Unknown said...

Beautiful orange flowers!

Jane O' said...

The pink flowering dogwood is one of my all time favorite trees. I love the way the branches layer out so flat.
Your photos are beautiful as usual.