Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pink Justicia

Pink Justicia
Dianthera nodosa
(dy-ANTH-er-uh) (nod-OH-suh)

This tropical plant was blooming at Wave Hill yesterday. It is a relative of the Shrimp plant and hails from Eastern Brazil. From all accounts it is easy to grow and very free flowering. I liked the way it was blooming all the way down the stem.

This was a tiny leaved plant that was growing in pot with a Taro (which is where the shadows came from). Not sure what it was but it looked very nice.

Tune in tomorrow fro a couple of pictures of the new pup. We pick her up two weeks from last Friday.


SandyCarlson said...

New pup? How cool is that.

Great shots. My father has some of the pink justicia in his yard. Now I know it is more than just the Pink Thing by the fence. Thanks for continuing my education.

Jon said...

It is always a treat to visit your great blog! In fact, I have you listed on my favorites in my blogroll. I really like your photography and I'm trying to improve my skills. Good luck with the new two rat terriers are my pride and joy and enjoy supervising me as I work in my garden....or should I say "their" garden? Best regards, Jon at Mississippi Garden

Digital Flower Pictures said...

sandy, see my note on the Justicia.

jon, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I will visit your site. The puppy is from Florence, Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo - was trying to explain the cutting I had just given to my boyfriend's grandmother. I will post it to her. Also have a puppy - 5 month old Keeshond, Pepper. She is helping to prune our garden - creating lots more cuttings of the unfortunate Justicia pot plants! Luckily it is winter in Queensland, Australia - so things should bounce back when she's loosing interest in spring (I hope). Penny Robertson