Monday, July 14, 2008

Red Caladium Leaf and Daylily

Red Caladium Leaf and Daylily

Ruby Tuesday

This Caladium came in the mixture I brought this spring. It is the best out of the 5 plants with the others just being the same kind of stock varieties that you normally see. This one really stays red with just a hint of green and white around the edges. Caladiums have been in cultivation for a long time and there over a thousand varieties to chose from.

Here in Connecticut and Westchester County they can get a couple hours of sun or be planted in full shade. They do like water but I have noticed that once they get settled in an area of the garden they grow pretty well with slightly less than ideal conditions (not hot and dry). I often cut them off after the first frost and bring them indoors for the winter but you can also lift and store them for the following year.

Since it Ruby Tuesday I wanted to post this picture of the darkest red Daylily in the garden. It is called ‘Ed Murray’.

Well it is Tuesday and that means it is Ruby Tuesday and it is the 15th of the month so that means it is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and since I like to post my Wordless Wednesday entry on Tuesday it is getting a little confusing. Kind of like my own little blogging Triple Witching Hour . I am glad to be participating in Ruby Tuesday as it has challenged me to take pictures of red flowers something I normally shy away from doing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear... these are exquisitely beautiful photos!

Mine's HERE.

Raven said...

Oh my, oh my! These are just stunningly beautiful. That red in the first shot is just awesome and the red lilies are incredible too. And then scrolling down the page... the flowers and the puppy (what a puppy!) are all just wonderful. Every time I visit, I feel like I've had a mini vacation in some paradise.

me ann my camera said...

That is a beautiful red leaf just full of rich colour!! Love it.

ann at nature tales

EG CameraGirl said...

The caladium is very nice, but the 'Ed Murray' is stunning!

Sandy Kessler said...

whoa that deep red lily gorgeous

Carletta said...

These are gorgeous! I have never seen a red leafed caladium - stunning and so vibrant!

Dianne said...

stunning seems to be the popular superlative so I'll add mine :)

I love the drop of water detail.

You mentioned you took the challenge to shoot red, well wow did you ever meet the challenge.

Les said...

I came here to see bloom day, but I can't get past that caladium.

BNS said...

I grow caladiums in my garden here in Hawaii, but I have never seen this variety. It's dazzling.

I also love those day lilies. What a rich color. They look regal.


Anonymous said...

Those are such ruby beauties. You and your camera captured them so well.

maryt/theteach said...

Digital flower, Two fantastic photos of beautiful, beautiful flowers. None of which I know. I know day lilies, orange ones, but not these you are showing! You've added to my day. Thanks for posting for Ruby Tuesday! :)