Thursday, July 17, 2008

Red Hot Poker Plant

Red Hot Poker
Kniphofia 'Alcazar'
Synonyms: Torch Flower, Torch Lily

The Torch Lilies have been catching my eye more and more. This picture is from the NYBG. There was a beautiful little yellow flowering one at the small farm this year. That was surprising, as that garden is a wind swept icebox in the winter. I have always shied away from trying to grow these because I thought they were not reliably hardy. Not so sure now, but if I try them it will be one of the warmer places in the garden in a well drained spot. Maybe trying some of the new cultivars is way to go. I have seen some nifty ones.

Since this is mainly an African plant here is a link to Plant Za Africa for more information on Kniphofias. It is a nice website. They have an archive if South African garden magazines that is fascinating to me.

Both of these pictures were shot with the same lens, a Sigma 24mm/1.8. I am enjoying the macro feature and then standing back to take a nice group shot. It seems with the 60mm I would have been several more feet away from the group of flowers.

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Indrani said...

Beautiful shots both of them Chris. :)