Monday, July 14, 2008

Silverleaf Ponysfoot

Silverleaf Ponysfoot
Dichondra sericea
(dy-KON-druh) (ser-IK-ee-uh)

This plant was marked Dichondra sericea at Wave Hill. There wasn’t much information on that particular species. I have been growing a plant similar to this but it has smaller leaves and more of a trailing habit. That might be Dichondra argentea but I am not really sure (maybe some one can help me out here). Either way having a silver plant with the trailing habit has been a real treat in the garden. This one was growing in a container and I think I will try that next year. It really looked nice against the terra cotta colored pot.

This second plant is HostaPeidmont Gold’. It is a striking large leaf Hosta that was planted in partial sun. I loved the color and the texture of the leaves. I am not a big fan of Hosta flowers and much prefer them for their foliage.

As promised here are a couple of pictures of the new dog. These photographs are property of Susan Boyd and Morningstar It is going to be a long two weeks until we get her.

If you are looking for a great Siberian Husky puppy contact them. The dogs from Morningstar have a nice temperament and they are beautiful. This maybe the first time that I have posted a photograph on this blog that someone else took.

I finally got around to visiting some of my favorite gardening blogs yesterday. Problem with not visiting for awhile is it takes that much longer to catch up. Everyone is growing and posting such wonderful stuff.


Sandy Kessler said...

I have been coming back again and again hoping you got another dog . Name ??Looks like a great one . I'm so happy . We all my pets and I survived a fire last Sunday . We were extremely lucky and blessed. I love this dog already and the memory of your other one lives on in your caring for another of God's creatures..sandy

Les said...

That pup is TFC. We have been using Dichondra 'Silver Falls' at work for several years as a hanging basket, or as a spiller in mixed containers. It is also hardy for us, but does like its moisture.