Friday, April 08, 2011

Pink Asian Corsage Orchid

Cymbidium Happy Face ‘Amaranth'

Here is another pink Asian Corsage Orchid. The Cymbidiums were really the star of the New York Orchid Show. I have pictures of several more that will be showing up here over the next several weeks. It is just a photogenic orchid.

Things outside are definitely starting to pick up, as there were Helleborus, Daffs, Witch Hazel, and some other minor bulbs blooming. The Dawn Viburnums were not fully out but showing a lot of color. There was a frost last night but in general the weather is going to be more spring like next week, which, of course will be welcomed. Yesterday I went and got some Pansies, Primrose and Ranunculus from the nursery (good thing because the supply is getting picked over). We are only making some pots up, as I do not really like Pansies as a bedding flower. The smell in the truck on the way back to the house was amazing and heady. It sure smelled like spring.

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