Monday, April 11, 2011

Pink Shell Ginger Buds

Pink Shell Ginger Buds
Alpinia zerumbet
(al-PIN-ee-uh) (ZER-um-bet)

Another pic from the tropical archive on my hard drive. This plant is a little coarse looking when growing but when the necklace shaped flowers emerge it is beautiful. These are just the funnel shaped buds. The flower actually opens to a beautiful almost orchid like shape with yellow, red and orange markings. The flowers are fragrant and very detailed.

The plant is actually considered a rhizomatous perennial even though it can get to heights of 8 to 10 feet tall. It should be divided every couple of years and is drought resistant after establishment.


Apuni said...

So beautiful!

elva said...

i have never seen these before. they're goregous. are these the flower of an actual ginger plant? i should probably just go back and read the rest of the post before i open my big mouth (keyboard?) haha. but really... lovely photo.