Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink Tropical Waterlily

Pink Tropical Waterlily

This pink waterlily was sticking out of a sea of green. The color was a little unusual but then again I am not used to tropical water lilies. The ones that grow around here are mostly white or some other drab color. One fact that I learned between hardy and tropical water lilies is that tropicals will bloom anytime of the day or night where the hardy types are only diurnal (day blooming).

Today marks the beginning of the mulching season for us. The weather has just not been cooperating. Mulch is a great equalizer in the garden. It’s uniform appearance and fresh smell kind of tie everything together.


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Digital Flower Pictures said...

Normally I would consider this spam but since it is from Wave Hill it's okay. With their flowers and gardens they have contributed to this blog immensely. It sounds like a great afternoon Ida and I will try and make it.