Monday, May 09, 2011

Peach Prism Impatiens

Peach Prism Impatiens
Impatiens walleriana Patchwork ‘Peach Prism’
(im-PAY-shuns) (wall-er-ee-AH-nuh)
Synonym: 'Large Eye Patchwork Peach Prism'

These exotic Impatiens are new to me and their color and habit is amazing. I took this picture at the nursery and it is from a hanging basket. The plant is a bit more like traditional Impatiens (than the other types of Fusion varieties) but you can tell it is different by the shading pattern and the large size of the flowers. We will definitely have to try a few of these in the garden. I just hope they aren’t all snagged by the time I get around to purchasing them.

One of the best things about my garden is some giant Lilac shrubs that were here when we moved in. They are about 10 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide. Right now they are in full bloom, which allows us to take armloads of flowers into the house, they don’t last too long but have been filling the house and front yard with a great smell. They seem to be Common Lilac types (Syringa vulgaris) but there is one white flowered type. I have been collecting the seedlings the last few years and have planting them in kind of a loose row to extend the row. My seedlings must be young, as only two have flowered.


Stephany said...

I love the color of these impatiens! My lilac hasn't bloomed this year...yet.

Donna said...

What beautiful color impatiens! I can just smell those lilacs..