Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mauna Loa Daylily

Hemerocallis 'Mauna Loa'

Out of the 150 different Daylilies in my home garden there are only 3 named cultivars that I am aware of. 'Mauna Loa' is one and its bright, huge flowers are hard to ignore. It is also one of the few rebloomers out there as this picture was taken yesterday. All of the other Daylilies finished blooming months ago. The buds even made it through the hurricane, which was nice to see.

Normally I would shy away from orange colored Daylilies since they remind me of the species that blooms along the roads here. 'Mauna Loa' is different in the fact that it has much bigger flowers and has better color variations on the flower itself. Orange flowers in general are not my favorite but are getting more and more attractive to me. I would have to recommend this flower for growing as a mass or in a Daylily border.

All the plant material got delivered and installed on Thursday. It came out nice and got a lot of comments from the neighbors. The final test is when the owners come home from vacation next week. I think they will like it but will want a little more heavy screening in the back row.

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Karin M. said...

What a beautiful flower, wonderful color ...
LG: Karin