Monday, September 05, 2011

Starshine Japanese Aster

Japanese Aster
Aster ageratoides ‘Starshine’
(ASS-ter) (ad-jur-rat-OH-id-eez)

This is a picture of the Aster we planted last week. It is a quite pleasant perennial. I do love Asters and this one seems like a winner with its erect habit, clear white flowers and heavy bud set. The foliage is super dark green and a bit glossy. You can never quite trust these perennials when they come from the nursery, as their growth has probably been somewhat manipulated. We mixed the white ‘Starshine’ with some ‘Purple Dome’ Aster and are hoping for the best. The other Asters in the garden haven’t started blooming yet but we have been pinching them pretty regularly through the season. It is time to stop that now and let them blossom.

Today is Labor Day in the United States so we are enjoying a leisurely holiday. It is the unofficial end of summer although there are still a couple of weeks left on the official timetable.

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