Friday, September 30, 2011


Garden Mum

Chrysanthemum x morifolium

(kris-AN-the-mum) (mor-ee-FOH-lee-um)

Yesterday despite the pouring rain I was out looking for the 130 eight inch Chrysanthemums we need at work. The color scheme we would like to use is a bright orange and bright yellow. Nobody had anything with the right color and stage of bloom. This nice pink mum caught my eye as the color was a bit unusual as was the daisy like flower. It was in absolute full bloom.

Even though I love the D700 camera it does take large files, which really have to be crushed down to appear on this blog. There is a setting for taking smaller shots but what happens if I take a nice picture and want to enlarge it to its fullest extent? I try and keep the photos on here to around 100kb. I know some people out there use a dial up connection and nothing is more frustrating than waiting 5 minutes for every picture to load. So the end result is using the JPEG setting at 70% in Photoshop with a certain loss of color and quality.

Since it suppose to be really cold here over the weekend (no frost warnings yet) we are going to start moving some of our most tender tropical plants inside for the season. The small Orchid collection is going inside too.