Friday, October 07, 2011

Black and WHite Dahlia

Hybrid Dahlia

Dahlia cv.


This is one of the Dahlias from the cutting garden. A nice white that has been blooming all summer. Since changing the soil in the area this spring I didn’t have any of the disease problems that have hit the Dahlias the last couple of years. So that proves you are never too old to learn something new about gardening.

Today we are installing the yearly giant mum planting in Greenwich. It has 130 chrysanthemums in 8 and 9 inch pots. The color scheme is bright yellow and red. I had originally tried to get a clear orange colored mum as the client didn’t want any bronze in the flower. Luckily the nursery let me exchange the orange for red when the order arrived at the nursery. I just think they were happy to sell that many mums at once. If there was time the soil would be changed in that area before planting but we are up against the season here now. We had our first frost advisory last night but we slept comfortably knowing all the tropicals were inside at our jobs. Tonight I will have to bring in the few remaining tropical plants at home.

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