Saturday, October 01, 2011

King’s Canyon Gerber Daisy

Gerber Daisy
Gerbera jamesonii
‘King’s Canyon’
(GER-ber-a) (jay-mess-OWN-ee-eye)
Synonyms: Barberton Daisy, Transvaal Daisy, African Daisy, Landscape series

This was an unusual flower to see at this time of year but very much welcomed. Gerber Daisy are an easy flower to photograph and I was surprised this came out because of the lighting conditions. I thought it was funny these were offered for sale so late in the season but then read they grow indoors. Always an admirer of Gerbers my cultivation of them hasn’t been so good. The animals around here (both large and small) seem to love them and that makes trying to grow them a challenge but their bold colors and size make them a pleasure to see.

The Landscape Series of Gerber Daisies has been especially bed for large flower size and heavy flowering habit. It sure looks like a winning strain to me.

I am dashing off to Manhattan the second I am done writing this. Our dogs are going too. Ruby (border collie) really loves it down there and that cracks me up. She is such a hillbilly country dog but loves the city. Juno (husky) just tolerates it. She is often scared of people and sometimes the sounds and smells of NYC can get to her. As long as Ruby is there she is generally okay.

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Do take some shots of city flowers!

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