Monday, October 17, 2011

Montego Sunset Dwarf Snapdragon

Dwarf Snapdragon
Antirrhinum majus 'Montego Sunset'
(an-TEE-ry-num) (MAY-jus)

Here is an annual that is quickly disappearing from nurseries and farm stands, which means it is disappearing from the landscape too. In this area you hardly ever see them anymore. Now I can understand not planting the tall floppy types but the ‘Montego’ strain is a dwarf that behaves nicely and blooms until the last day of the season. To me they are one of the best cool season flowers you can get because the color is so wonderful, especially ones like ‘Sunset’, which makes a carpet of fall colors.

Hopefully the snapdragon can make it back from the brink of obscurity and once again be an annual that brightens up our fall and spring plantings. It turn out that the Snapdragon is in a bit of an unsettled state according to modern botanists. The plants are now considered to have three sections with the species divided up among them. It is safe to say the biology of the Snapdragon is constantly being rewritten with some new species being discovered.

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