Thursday, October 06, 2011

Yellow Submarine Shrub Rose

Shrub Rose

Rosa 'Yellow Submarine'


Synonyms: BAIine, Garden Art Collection

Here is a nice yellow rose to break up the chrysanthemum theme we seem to having around here lately. Another of the Easy Elegance rose types it is a real clear yellow that starts off strong and then mellows as the flower age. These roses are extremely hardy especially for a yellow. The fragrance is mild but still there and nice.

Introduced in 2005 by Bailey Nurseries this rose comes from the famous breeder Ping Lim. In some ways he has revolutionized rose growing for the average gardener. His Easy Elegance roses have changed rose growing forever, especially for the casual growers. I have found them to be vigorous, long blooming and pest and disease free. My only problem with them is they some times get a little tall and flop over but the plant usually continues to bloom in that position.

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