Friday, October 21, 2011

Condilla Daylily


Hemerocallis 'Condilla'


This Daylily was blooming about two weeks ago making it the last flower in the Daylily collection for the year. It’s large and colorful flowers were kind of a last hurrah from that part of the garden. ‘Condilla’ is a Trophytaker Daylily, which makes it special. There are several attributes that a Daylily must have in order to be considered a Trophytaker. The plant must flower twice as long as a normal daylily giving it a minimum bloom cycle of 42 days. It also must be hardy in USDA Zone 5 (many are hardy in Zone 3 and 4) and it must have superior long lasting foliage. You can see that the requirements are setting you up for success in the garden and I will always select a Trophytaker over a ‘regular’ Daylily.

‘Condilla’ has big flowers (4.5 inches across) that are borne on a sturdy 20 inch scape. It is considered one of the best Double Daylily introductions ever. It was introduced in 1977.

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