Sunday, February 05, 2012

White Candle Delphinium

Candle Delphinium
Delphinium elatum
(del-FIN-ee-um) (el-AH-tum)
Synonyms: Larkspur

The variety name escapes me on this white variety of Delphinium. There are over 300 species and countless hybrids now so it is difficult to determine. I have to admit I love the grand spikes of blue, purple, pink and sometimes white these flowers produce. I am less enchanted with growing the short lived, finicky and rangy plants. Nothing looks more classic then a backbone of delphinium snaking down a perennial border or a giant mass of them planted alone.

I am not sure why this next picture is included other than to show the massive spike. If you look near the bottom left you can see the palmate foliage, which is considered poisionous.

One thing I found out that is interesting is that French plant breeder Victor Lemoine
was responsible for the early hybridization of D. elatum after it was discovered in the Alps.

Since it is Sunday and Today’s Flowers here is a bonus shot of a yellow summer daisy recently spotted basking in the central Florida sun.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

What a pretty white. I am always sold on the pinks and purple Delphiniums...but that white is really nice.

Ruby said...

These are very pretty!