Saturday, May 12, 2012

Abraham Darby Austin Rose

English Rose
Rosa 'Abraham Darby'
Synonyms: Austin Rose, Country Darby Tree, AUScot, Candy Rain

My rose hunt was successful and I ended up scoring 30 bushes. It is quite a mixture (just like their new garden). Five of the 30 were Austin Roses. They will join a half a dozen other Austin types presently in the garden. 'Abraham Darby' has a slightly weird color but blooms nicely through the season including a couple of great waves in the spring. Since the garden is located on a windy, cold ridge hardiness is important and the Austins seem to be able to withstand the conditions.

Now to get all these planted. Actually moving them around is even a bit of a problem. When the roses were in the back of the pickup you could smell them about 6 feet away. I can’t wait until they get loaded into the enclosed Grand Cherokee. Scented Heaven.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I love roses with fragrance. David Austins seem to fill the bill -- just lovely!

Carletta said...

Look at all those seperating petals! I like the peachy salmon like color.
Lovely macro!