Monday, May 14, 2012

Yellow Snapdragon

Antirrhinum majus
(an-TEE-ry-num) (MAY-jus)

This is a snapdragon we saw down in Florida several months ago. It was pretty mixed with some taller reddish-orange ones. I haven't seen any snaps here this year and it seems the annual season is kind of turned on its head because of the crazy weather we have been having. Last night was not too bad but over the weekend it was quite cold here at night. In some ways I feel like we have been living in the desert because of the really hot days and chilly nights. To get the picture you would have to ignore all the rain that has been falling and is forecast for our area.

Today is rose replenishment day and the 30 roses are in the truck ready to jazz up the rose garden. The new roses are all clean and disease free right now and really should kick up the garden look. We still need 10 to 12 more roses but this load will be a good start.


Felicia @ No Deposit Poker said...

Snapdragons are really beautiful flowers, but I've heard that the seeds are poisonous, so it's a no-no to plant if you have children around.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I had a few delicate pink snaps last year, let them reseed. Now I have yellows, corals, pinks and everything in between.
I didn't know they were poisonous a small child we used to play with the blooms, opening and closing its 'mouth'.