Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tropicana Hybrid Tea Rose

Tropicana Hybrid Tea Rose
Rosa ‘Tropicana’
Synonyms: TANorstar

The new roses went in the big rose garden and some how we ended up with 8 specimens of ‘Tropicana’. Three are old stock and that indicates good hardiness to me. It is such a classy and stately rose that I am happy to have a lot of them. This rose is easily in my top five of all time. The color is a little different on the second picture because that rose gets a little more shade (still mostly full sun). I briefly entertained the thought of doing some disbudding to make them all bloom at once but that timing will be to hard to pull off with the nature of this garden. They are having a huge wedding (400+ guests) there this weekend and we did everything we could to make it perfect. The roses didn’t really cooperate but were showing some color and the foliage is clean.

Well I caused quite a stir on a guitar forum that I read and post on. The topic was modifying my 1959 Fender Jazzmaster. It caused a big storm with 99% of people against it. I want to use the neck on another guitar but I half expected death threats because of that. The neck is the only thing that I really like about the guitar but it will be kept stock for now.

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