Monday, May 21, 2012

White Marigold and Red Verbena

White Marigold and Red Verbena
Tagetes erecta
(TAG-e-teez) (ee-RECK-tuh)

In honor of all the flowers we will be purchasing this week here is a pic of one of the big containers from last year. The size of the plants and the colors mixed really well in this pot. Container gardens are not really a science with me. It is much more about what they have at the time we go to get the flowers and foliage. It usually works out okay but who knows what will happen this year with the season being so weird.

Our band is officially booked for a Sunday show on June 3rd. We will be performing at Molten Javas in Bethel, Connecticut. The date got moved up a week but I think we will be ready.

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