Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Hybrid Rugosa Rose
Rosa 'Therese Bugnet'

Normally I wouldn’t give Rosa rugosa the time of day because it is an overgrowing, invasive pest. Today’s selection is far from that and is a good example of breeding bringing out the best characteristics of a plant while suppressing the not so great aspects. This rose was bred in 1941 and introduced in 1950. I thought it was much younger than that. The blooms have a mild fragrance but seem to keep coming in waves. The flowers are a nice, bright, clear pink. This picture was shot with the Nikon 80-200mm/2.8 lens.

We got rain again overnight. It had to be a couple of inches worth. Yesterday wasn’t a great day to be in the garden. Every plant you touched was enough to soak you even though the actual rain had ended hours ago. It would seem that today is going to be the same thing. Today I am going to be smarter and bring a change of clothes.

Just a note to the “Send Flowers to” people that keep posting comments on this blog. I feel it is spam and will continue to delete them.

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Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Too bad you can't have the fragrance of rugosas. The ones I had in VA were so wonderful, their scent was on the breeze that carried across the yard.