Sunday, June 10, 2012

Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris
Iris ensata 'Variegata'
(EYE-ris) (en-SA-tuh)
Synonyms: Iris kaempferi 'Variegata'

The Variegated Japanese Iris is having a stellar year. It seem that some years it doesn’t get any flowers or just a few weak ones. This color purple is not to be ignored. Personally these are my favorite type of Iris and they always seem to find a way into my gardens. All of the other Irises have bloomed (some a couple of months ago) so these can be thought of season extenders for Irises. The flowers are large (one of the biggest in the family) and long lasting. One good thing about Japanese Iris is that it can grow in very moist and boggy conditions. It also grows in part shade but my experience has been crummy vigor and a lack of flowers under shady conditions. This plant has the green and white leaves I think there is one with green and gold leaves too (flowers are light blue).

Since it is once again Sunday here is a bonus snapshot of another Japanese Iris that was blooming yesterday at work. This is a named cultivar that has solid green leaves. I had been watching the almost elaborate unfurling ritual with interest for the last couple of days but was happy to see the flower actually blooming.

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Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I have an Iris ensata var. and it finally bloomed this year, though not really well. Nice to see a good looking bloom.