Saturday, June 09, 2012

Treasure Flower

Treasure Flower
Gazania rigens
(gay-ZAY-nee-uh) (RIG-ens)
Synonyms: Gorteria, Gazania splendens

These flowers were literally screaming at me to take them home at the nursery and it worked. We bought a half a dozen 4-inch pots and they seemed to outclass every other flower on my cart. I really try and give a flower at least one chance to grow well. These plants went into containers on a Manhattan rooftop (7 story building) and at a nice estate in Greenwich. While most New Yorkers would love to spend the summer in Connecticut, especially being coddled at an estate, I am interested to see which group does better.

One very attractive feature about this plant is it doesn’t need much water after establishment. Even though the containers are on drip irrigation lines it seems difficult to water enough so the plants are wet without swamping the whole pot. Flowers that like it on the drier side usually always do better under the conditions.

Gazanias are not real available/popular around here but you are starting to see them more and more. On with the experiment.

Thanks for everybody who helped with Flower ID. Dianthus it is!

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Roan said...

I would have brought these home, too. Love the color.