Friday, May 28, 2010

Climbing Rose ‘Royal Gold’

Climbing Rose ‘Royal Gold’
Rosa ‘Royal Gold’

Two years ago this rose was bought in a tree form for one of the big containers. It got some disease and didn’t look goods so it was moved to the Tennis Court where I decided to weave it through the fence. Since then it has become fairly enormous and right now is covered with blooms. It is a climbing rose and has grown every bit of its advertised ten feet and then some. It has the appearance of a hybrid tea and I didn’t know it was a climber until after purchase.

Since being moved it has shown pretty good disease resistance and when it blooms it can be breathtaking. The color is very rich and it has a nice fragrance. Planted to either side are two huge ‘Bonica’ roses. They each have about 500 buds ready to open. Hopefully the ‘Royal Gold’ can hang on blooming this heavy to the ‘Bonica’ open up. Roses in general have been doing outstanding around here this year. I drove by a commercial planting of red Knockout roses and red Rhododendrons (‘Nova Zembla’, I think) and it was amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

This black and white picture is not as effective as the color but it still shows the nice form of the 'Royal Gold' flower.