Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pink Knock out Shrub Rose

Shrub Rose
Rosa 'Pink Knockout'
Synonyms: RADcon

Today we are visiting 5 nurseries to try and get all of the stuff we need for the upcoming week, which for us is one of the biggest weeks of the season. ‘Pink Knockout’ roses are definitely on the list as are ‘Blushing’ Knock out. Yesterday I saw some ‘Double Pink Knockout’ roses and they are beautiful but they had been trained into a tree, which was not what I was looking for.

“Knock out’ Roses may end up taking over the rose world and my experience has been good with them so far. They are a trendy item but I do think that they are going to be here to stay. The disease resistance they show is reason enough to grow them and I often tell customers that while you are sacrificing some of the flower form (against hybrid tea type of rose) you are easily making it up with ease of growing and free flowering habit.


Les said...

In the end times it will be roaches and Knock Outs.

These are one of my best sellers and a boat load go out each week. Even people who do not garden are buying them. If new gardeners have a positive experience with them, maybe they will come back for other plants. said...

this macro is wonderful

Stephany said...

This is a beautiful macro, Chris!