Monday, May 10, 2010

Painted Ladies

Painted Lady
Gladiolus carneus
(GLAD-ee-oh-lus) (KAR-nee-us)
Synonym: G. blandus, Bergpypie

This flower is the first Gladiolus featured in the 1,343 posts on this blog. You just don’t see these flowers as often as you used to. This species is from South Africa however it will grow outside in Zone 8 and above here in the United States. The colors are just gorgeous and at 12 to 18 inches tall it seemed refined and handsome. They can also be cultivated inside in pots.

Yellow Grape Hyacinth
Muscari macrocarpum
(mus-KAR-ee) (ma-kro-KAR-pum)

Another not too often seen bulb is Yellow Muscari, which actually starts off purple and then turns yellow. Us northern gardeners can grow this out in the garden as it rated to USDA Zone 5 (most people recommend a coat of mulch in Zone 5). There is a fragrant type called ‘Golden Fragrance’ but I am not sure if this it.


Rebecca said...

Painted Lady is perfectly named.

lisaschaos said...

Both are very pretty and unusual to me. Very lovely captures!

Sagarika said...

WOW... the painted lady is awesome.. and agree with Rebecca that there cannot be a more apt name! :) .. keep up the good work!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! Thanks for all the information about flowers, I am learning a lot here.