Saturday, May 22, 2010

Korean Sun Pear

Korean Sun Pear
Pyrus fauriei ‘Korean Sun’
(PY-russ) (FAU-ree-eye)
Synonym: Pyrus calleryana 'Fauriei', Flowering Pear

The naming of this plant is a little confusing. For this post this is what it said on the plant tag but after looking it up I realized it seemed to have several names. This particular tree was bought this spring as a small 10 gallon pot sized specimen to replace a Bradford Pear that had completely fallen apart last winter. It really had a lot of flowers for a young tree and the foliage was a nice glossy green with just a tinge of red. It has already grown a little this spring. We are looking forward to a good show in the fall as most Pear trees provide great fall color.

The genus name comes from the ancient name for Pear and the species is named after L'Abbé Urbain Jean Faurie. A well known 19th century botanist from Japan and Korea.

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