Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink Morn Petunia

Opera Supreme Pink Morn Petunia
Petunia grandiflora ‘Opera Supreme Pink Morn’

After last year’s epic battle with slugs I swore we wouldn’t use any Petunias this year. This cultivar caught my eye at the nursery and it looked so cheerful and colorful that I had to have some. Normally, as a professional, I can resist impulse buys but also know that sometimes impulse buying can really liven up the garden. We will see how these do and what the slug population is this year. There was one other type of Petunia that caught my eye and there will probably be a post about them soon.

The label included with ‘Pink Morn’ says grows in part shade but in my experience they do much better in this climate with full sun. It also said it didn’t need to have the spent flowers removed, which most Petunias these days are like. In the old days they had to be deadheaded to be effective bloomers and it seems that habit has been bred out of them. I did read that these Petunias are specially bred for vertical growing, like hanging baskets, but can be effective for bedding too (whew). I lucked out on that. Have a nice weekend.


Kathy said...

Beautiful flower. I read recently on a garden blog this hint to deter slugs: Place a sliced cucumber in an aluminum pie plate. There evidently is something about a chemical reaction created between the cucumber and the aluminum that either kills or sends slugs screaming away. I actually went out and bought a packet of those cheapo aluminum foil pie tins to have on hand but luckily I haven't had a problem with slugs this year so I haven't tried this. It's cheap enough it's worth a try and at least would not be toxic to pets like the slug and snail killer is.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Kathy,

Thanks fr the tip. I will have to try that. We have been using the pet and kid safe repellent called 'Sluggo' but it ha to be reapplied after rain. It works but the slugs were finding a way around it after a while.