Thursday, May 06, 2010

Floribunda Rose ‘Cinco de Mayo’

Floribunda Rose ‘Cinco de Mayo
Synonyms: Celebration Time, Wekcobeju

Breeder: Tom Carruth, US, 2006
Introduced: Weeks Wholesale Rose Growers, 2009
Petal Count: 17-25 petals
Parentage: Topsy Turvy × Julia Child

I know I am a day late with this rose picture. This is one of the new roses for the big rose garden we tend to. The color is unusual and not quite perfectly rendered here. What is missing is the almost translucent effect the flowers have which kind of sheds an interesting orangey light on the rest off the plant also some of the dustiness of the flower didn’t come through. This rose slightly reminds me a bit of ‘Hot Cocoa’, which is one rose I given up trying to grow for more than one year (it never seems to winter over). The owner liked this rose, which in the end is all that counts. It looked a little funny as every rose we added had a lot of buds or flowers and glossy foliage while the original roses were still shaking off the winter with only a few buds. It was quite a contrast. I am under strict orders to have the garden looking good on July 11th for a celebrity Garden Party.

‘Cinco de Mayo’ won the AARS Award in 2009. See this post as to what makes a winner. One of ‘Cinco de Mayo’ parents ‘Julia Child’ won the award in 2006. We also got the only winner for 2010, ‘Easy Does It’ and I am sure there will be some photos of that one this summer. It is unusual, especially in this day and age to only have one winner for the year.

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Janet said...

It is a striking color. Big party eh?
Making the garden look good at a given time is not easy...Mother Nature can be wild.