Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunny Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy
Gerbera jamesonii 'Festival Yellow’
(GER-ber-uh) (jay-mess-OWN-ee-eye)
Synonyms: Transvaal Daisy, African Daisy

Some people might have noticed a few changes around here over the last few days. This blog has finally upgraded to the new (now old) layout type of page from blogger. I have been trying to tweak it a little here and there but will have more time to work on it this weekend. The upgrade was fairly painless except copying the links but there was probably an easier way to do that. Any suggestions to help make the new layout better will gladly be accepted.

Yesterday was a cold, raw, rainy and windy day around here. By happenstance it was really the first time this season I felt some creative spark to get a few pictures. Since I had to visit a couple of nurseries for annuals that worked out too. I was happy that I went, as the two big wholesale nurseries were already getting low on plants. Although they swore that they were growing about the same amount of material as last year I didn’t think so. Lucky they did have the 16 dozen double Impatiens I needed. This Gerber reminded me of the sun and we need more sun in this area. The high temperature was around 50F and it is usually 70 at this time of year.

Gerbers are special flowers probably one of the more refined and regal looking Daisies to me. They seem to be an easy genus to get a good picture of and have been featured on Digital Flower Pictures many times. The nursery had a range of the Festival series colors and I thought they were all beautiful. Here is a link to Park seed’s Festival page. I think I will try a few in the garden this year. Hopefully the can stand up to the summer heat.


Janet said...

Do like the sunny Gerbera daisy. Did you know that Park Seed's Festival of Flowers is where we are moving? That is how my husband 'sold' me on moving to Greenwood.....we visited during F-o-F a couple years year I will be living there!

I like your layout, think black background is like putting diamonds on black velvet...makes them pop.

Kala said...

I have yet to get a shot of this flower that I am happy with. Nice job on this one.