Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Brandy’

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Brandy’

This rose was one of the new ones planted in the big rose garden at the horse farm. I am glad some of the glow came through with the photograph. There was one flower on the bush as we planted it and really stood out amongst the other roses. First is the color, which is dreamy, and second is the size and structure of the flowers. Wow. Hopefully it will continue to bloom and produce a lot of flowers.

Here is the lowdown on ‘Brandy’:

Registration name: AROcad
Breeder: Swim and Christensen
Introduction: 1981
Parentage: First Prize X Golden Wave
Awards: 1982 AARS Award winner
Petal Count: 26-40 petals
Fragrance: Yes, mild tea

I thought the fragrance was really nice and a little stronger than mild. We will be watching how ‘Brandy’ performs in the garden and will report back because that is ultimately what is important. It could be the best looking rose ever and if it is hard to grow that takes a lot of the magic out it.

Here is the short list (forgot some) of roses we added this year. It is based on what was available not necessarily what we wanted. You can see there is a mixture of types and colors. Bring on the summer and the insects and diseases :lol:

‘Pat Austin’
‘Gertrude Jekyll’
‘Graham Thomas’
‘Cinco De Mayo’
‘Fourth of July’
‘Mr. Lincoln’
‘Lime Sublime’
‘Gina Lollobrigida’
‘Rainbow Sorbet’
‘Rhapsody in Blue’
‘Burgundy Iceberg’
‘Blushing Knock out’
‘Liv Tyler’
‘Queen Mary 2’
‘Carefree Celebration’
‘Peach Drift’

We are trying a few what I would call ‘untraditional’ rose types in the garden this year. The owner is looking to cut down on the after winter replacements. If they don’t work they will be moved somewhere else on the large property.


EG Wow said...

What a beautiful colour! I'll have to see if it's available in Canada.

Kala said...

That color reminds of the liquid drink!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Good luck. It was really hard to find good roses this year. Of course we are shopping wholesale.

Hi kala,

:lol: It does seem have a certain relation to it.

Les said...

Lovely photo! Let us know how you like the Peach Drift, all of the roses from that series are doing well here.