Sunday, September 12, 2010

Black Orchid

Black Orchid
Coelogyne pandurata
(koh-el-LAW-jin-ee) (pand-yoor-RAY-tuh)

This Orchid is native to the island of Borneo where it grows as an epiphyte in the damp woodlands at lower elevations. It was discovered in the 1850’s and has charmed collectors since then. It likes to grow under Cattleya Orchid conditions with bright light, warm winters, high humidity and moisture. It really has a striking appearance with thelime green and black mixing well together on the fragrant flowers. This photo was shot indoors at a local wholesale Orchid Nursery. The price was $115 US for an 8-inch pot with a couple of big flower spikes on it and that was the wholesale price.

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As a bonus for Flowers from Today here is a nice Peach colored Waterlily spotted this summer.

Hardy Waterlily
Nymphaea 'Peach Glow'

This very hardy Waterlily has a very nice color. One nice thing I noticed was the flowers were held a few inches above the water.


Lui said...

Wow, that was indeed a rare orchid! No wonder it sells for more than a hundred dollars! We always get ours as gifts!

Maria said...

Great shots! The orchid looks really mysterious!
Thanks for sharing! Have a nice week ahead!

EG Wow said...

The orchid is exquisite!

lotusleaf said...

Both the flowers are rare and gorgeous.

i beati said...

very new to me sandy

SandyCarlson said...

Goodness. Very beautiful. As ever.

Anonymous said...



Carletta said...

A very exotic looking orchid and quite beautiful!

Anonymous said...

marvelous the first one
in fact, all flowers are beautiful