Friday, September 03, 2010

Dwarf Bleeding Heart

Dwarf Bleeding Heart
Dicentra 'Ivory Hearts'

This little Bleeding Heart has been blooming on and off most of the season. Along with the dwarf pink flowered ‘King of Hearts’ it has been forming a nice carpet of groundcover in almost full sun. It only grows to about 4 inches tall with finely cut ferny foliage and the flower stalk grows to about 12 inches tall. It kind of revolutionized growing of Bleeding Hearts for me. One thing to be aware of is these plants cost about twice what the species does.

Thankfully it looks like Hurricane Earl is going to miss our area. It was a close call but the storm is going to stay off shore. Hopefully we get some rain without the damaging winds and storm surge. After a lot of worry it appears to be a non-event here.

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Les said...

Don't count on too much rain. Earl has been stingy here.