Friday, September 17, 2010

Garden Mum

Garden Mum

This photo is a sign of things to come. This leftover (from last year) mum was starting to bloom in Greenwich. Last year the ‘hardy’ mums were really hardy and they were about 50 that survived the winter. I am not sure why but think it was a combination of the varieties and the weather. After we saw that they were sprouting in the spring the plants were moved to the perennial border where they have been pinched several times during the season. While they haven’t formed the perfect mum like you buy at the nursery the plants have a nice natural form more like a perennial. That makes them fit in the border nicely. I will certainly post some photos of them when in full bloom.

Last night we received some much needed rain. Not all that much but it was refreshing and takes the edge of worrying about watering for a couple of days. It has been the hottest and driest summer I can remember.


And Miles To Go... said...

beautiful. I'm jealous because I have mums in my yard, and they have not yet even begun to bloom! We had rain yesterday also, a welcoming sight.

miriam said...

Lovely pictures. I like to take pictures and share them too. Here's my garden-----in the photo gallery
See you in the garden.

EG Wow said...

The blossom is lovely. How nice to see a "daisy" this time of year.