Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sugar Maple Fall Foliage

Sugar Maple
Acer saccharum
(AY-ser) (SAK-er-um)

The Sugar maples are already starting to color up here in Southern Connecticut and it's a little early but it is probably from all the stress the trees had this summer. Probably one of the most beautiful sights in our forest the Sugar Maples often turn orange, red and yellow on the same tree. They are strong hardy trees that can grow up to 100 feet tall but 70 to 80 feet is more common. This tree is commercially viable for both its sap (Maple Syrup) and timber. I am not going to worry too much about the timing of its fall foliage and just enjoy it while we have it.

Shrub Rose
Rosa 'Midnight Blue'
Synonym: WEKfabpur

Since it is Today’s Flowers here is a nice dark shrub rose. It really should be called ‘Midnight Purple’ and I like how the late season flowers on this rose have a darker and richer color than the flowers during the spring and summer. It does have a nice strong fragrance anytime the flowers are out.

Here is a bonus flower since it is Sunday. See more flowers from all over the world at Today’s Flowers .

False Autumn Crocus
Colchicum speciosum
(KOHL-chik-um) (spee-see-OH-sum)
Synonyms: Showy Colchicum, Naked Ladies, Meadow Saffron

These flowers always pop up in the garden this time of year even though they get no special care and are growing under what has become a handsome grove of White pine (Pinus strobus). They are not used that much probably because they end up a little floppy like these ones. Even though they are referred to as Crocus they are not. They have their own genus of Colchicum and unlike Crocus all parts of the plant are considered toxic. There are now several garden developed cultivars available to gardeners, which feature double flowers and some color variations.


Misti said...

Oh Fall! Beautiful shot. Subtle signs here in Texas but not a lot going on yet. I expect in two weeks things will be changing.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I love the dark color of that rose. Nicely photographed, too.

I'm your neighbor in western Massachusetts!

Lui said...

The rose's deep red velvet petals is so attractive!

eileeninmd said...

I love the color of the rose and the fall leaves are just beautiful. Wonderful photos.

wenn said...

love the rose!

Carletta said...

That is a beautiful shot of the leaves! The light is wonderful.
The deep color of the rose makes it look like a rich velvet - lovely!

Luna Miranda said...

i love the midnight purple-the deep color is gorgeous. we have no autumn here-i find the sugar maple absolutely enchanting.

Ladynred said...

The sugar maple is beautiful and so the rose!

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