Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stinky Squid

Stinky Squid
Pseudocolus fusiformis
Synonyms: Stinkhorn Mushroom

We are lucky to have a small patch of Stinky Squid Mushrooms growing in the garden this year. Originally I thought these were called Lobster Claw Fungus but found out recently that they were Stinky Squid (lobster sounds better doesn’t it?) This fungus is widely dispersed in areas of Southeast Asia, Australia, and the United States. It is quite often found growing on garden mulch, as is the case with this specimen. I am sure glad I didn’t touch it, as that black stuff (gleba) is the stinky part. These mushrooms are not considered poisonous but are not recommended for consumption, even if you could get by the smell. Remember the old saying “All mushrooms are edible - once”.

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Christine Grenat said...

Found these in my garden too...