Saturday, March 03, 2007

Asian Corsage Orchid

Asian Corsage Orchid
Cymbidium Enzan Current ‘Aquarius’

The Orchid Show was featured on Martha Stewart’s TV show yesterday. The curator was on explaining the different types of flowers and showing some of the highlights. It was interesting, and just so you know I don’t usually watch the show but happened to see the Orchids and was glad I tuned in. I couldn’t find out much about this orchid. There were quite a few Cymbidium Orchids and they seemed to be the backbone of the show. I am posting this one since the color was so different. The green flowers were set off nicely against the other red and white flowers of this type. One other thing I forgot to mention about the show was the amount and beauty of the miniature Orchids. Their sprays of hundreds of flowers were really spectacular.

This plant was a wonderful addition to the Orchid Show. It is False Vriesea or Tillandsia dyeriana and is a native to the mangrove forests of northwestern Ecuador. It is supposedly a rare plant in the wild. I found the color and shape to be great. They had a lot of Air Plants growing up the trees in the show. This kind of helped fill in the spaces between the Orchids and lend a nice tropical feel to the displays.


Unknown said...

I was just surfing the web looking for my own flower inspiratioon...Just wanted to say your photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Hong P. Pham

Eero said...

Yes, beautiful images.
I'm an orchid enthusiast, too.

Just bought my first Epidendrum in Hawaii, "Volcano Queen." So exciting!

How do you watermark your photos? I'd be interested in finding out, to protect my images the same way.


Anonymous said...
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