Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chihuly at the Fairchild Tropical Gardens 2007

Chihuly at the Fairchild Tropical Gardens 2007

This is my third Chihuly show in the last year. I also saw a lot of his pieces in one of the hotels in Las Vegas (forget which one). I like this show the best because it was low-key and seemed to fit into the landscape better. One thing I don’t like about the exhibits is the large crowds they bring. I have been to Fairchild before and practically been the only person there. I think the Glass fits in much better at Fairchild then it did at the NYBG. The colors, shapes and patterns are good match for Miami. Overall I enjoyed my visit to the Chihuly exhibit and had a great day at the garden. I am going to have another post on some of the great flowers and plants I saw at Fairchild soon.

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Unknown said...

Interesting... I was looking at that picture of the red "glass posts?" and thinking that this is the first Chihuly exhibit that kind of appeals to me. And then I read your comment about how you feel that it fits in better here, etc., too. Great pictures, by the way.