Monday, March 19, 2007

More Orchids from NYC

Vuylstekeara Patico 'Pacific Knights'

I thought I had lost all my photos from my trip to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden this year. Turns out the pictures were right there where I had put them. I might go to the show again as it doesn’t look like I will be working till the end of the week and only then if I am lucky. I just renewed my membership and got my parking passes and I am dying to take a few plant pictures so it is adding up for me.

Epidendrum Moon Valley ‘Sunkist’

Both of these Orchids had wonderful color. 'Pacific Knights' is a nice large flower on plants that were blooming profusely. The smaller Orchid’s flower head almost looked like a Primrose. When you got closer you could see the details in the petals and the delicate color shadings. I looked both of these specific Orchids up and found very few references.

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Anonymous said...

wow... it's really beautiful. O ya my fav flower is orchid. do you have best photos of orchid?