Wednesday, March 21, 2007

xBrassolaelia 'Morning Glory' Orchid

xBrassolaelia Morning Glory
(B. nodosa x L. purpurata)

Posting all these Orchids is getting boring. This Orchid was striking and it had a nice fragrance. I am really ready to move onto shooting some Daffodils, Crocus, Magnolia and Dogwood flowers. The Orchid Show was definitely worth attending a second time. It wasn’t as crowded as the last time I went and that is always better for pictures. They are doing a nice job keeping the flowers fresh and replacing the spent ones. I noticed several flowers that I hadn’t seen in my first trip and I didn’t know weather I had missed them or they were new. The outside grounds at the garden didn’t have much going on. I saw a little patch of Adonis blooming and the Magnolia buds were starting to crack. I am really interested to see what happens when every thing starts blooming around. There is a gardening forum that I am a member of that had a countdown to spring clock. It is finally here. I remember looking at the clock as it numbers rolled by (it was fun because it was a digital clock) when there was 48 days left. I just got a call from the bulb company saying that a lot of my order couldn’t be shipped so I have to hit the catalogs again. I don’t allow backorders or substitutions so they couldn’t just ship me what they had.

Here is a another kind of different Orchid: xZygopabstcia ‘Blue Bird’. There was no reference to that name but I did find Zygopetalum 'Blue Bird' and it is the same flower. It was very attractive with a nice scent. I found out the name of the Orchid I posted yesterday it is: Cymbidium ‘Summer Love x Yellow Moon’.

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Ki said...

Wow! the morning glory orchid is spectacular. There is an orchid in Hawaii they call the Honohono that has an incredible smell but the flowers are pretty unremarkable. If this orchid smells anything like that this would be a great orchid to collect.