Saturday, March 17, 2007

Formosan Ginger (Alpinia formosana)

Formosan Ginger
Alpinia formosana
(al-PIN-ee-uh) (for-MOH-sa-nuh)

This plant is also called Pinstripe Ginger. I hope I got the name right as the naming of the Ginger Family (Zingiberaceae) seems a little bit up in the air. I took a picture of the flower, which smells like ginger, but it didn’t come out. I have never had good luck photographing Ginger flowers and even though I tried again when I was in Florida last month I still didn’t get the shot. The flower is white with pink tips and is quite attractive. The foliage is beautiful. It reminded me of a ‘Bengal Tiger’ although in some ways the Ginger seemed a little more refined. Since I have only grown Ginger in a pot, and that endeavor was only modestly successful I can’t comment on the cultivation. It seemed to be in a lot of Florida gardens, which makes me think that it is an easy plant to grow.

At least the sun is out, now, after the big dig out this morning. We got about 11 inches of snow and a couple inches of ice on top of that. Oh well, let’s move on from here and hope this Spring gets on track.

I took both of these with the Nikon D80. I know that the second picture maybe a little too abstract for some.

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