Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ABC Wednesday – W

ABC Wednesday – W

If you are visiting for Wordless Wednesday please scroll down to the next post. Hey that is a couple of W's right there.

W is for wreath and this one is something that I saw a lot of this year, a Magnolia wreath. They were popping up everywhere this season. The Christmas Wreath is an old tradition that started in Germany with the Advent wreath. The Christmas wreath was a better idea since it didn’t require the candles that Advent Wreath did. It’s circular shape represents eternity and it’s greens represents life during the winter.

Happy Landings Park. Brookfield, Connecticut.

W is also for Windmill. This from is a local park named Happy Landings Farm. They managed to save this little patch of land and farm from the onslaught of development. I was able not to show the million dollar (and up) homes that completely surround it.I used a tripod for this shot. This is a little of what the 'old' Connecticut was like.

Westminster Abbey in London

Finally just to shake things up I thought I would post my first ever, on this blog, film scan. I won't be calling this site Digital Film anytime soon. It has been fun to scan a couple of oldies into digital format. It is a picture of Westminster Abbey in London. I think this was taken around 1998. It is a very interesting and special place that was built around 1060. The present church is from 1245 and is the resting place of 17 of Britain’s past monarchs.

Here is a link to a brief history of the church:


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mrsnesbitt said...

Westminster Hall...1994! I met Desmond Tutu! What an honour to speak with the man.

Lilli & Nevada said...

I love the magnolia wreath history,i have not heard that.
I also love the Westminster what a beautiful building

Rune Eide said...

Very nice and varied post. Over here we don't use magnolias for wreaths, but mostly twigs from all kinds of conifers and dressed with reindeer lichen.

We should have had windmills here - of the modern kind. But, alas, many of those who oppose burning of fossil fuel also oppose windmills - for aesthetic reasons!

I have been to Westminster Abbey and I'll support all you say about it.

Happyone said...

All good W's. The wreath is beautiful.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

A nice set of photos for W.
four of my photos are digital scans of film while one is a digital photograph of a print of an old processed photograph.

harbour is how we spell it in Britain. Just as colour is color in u-less American -- two countries seperated by a common language!

Max-e said...

Nice post and pictures. Love the windmill picture.
To pass the time on our journeys, Sue and I often have windmill counting competitions. I lost out badly on one trip when driving through Ermelo, where nearly every yard had a windmill - I had to concentrate on driving while Sue built up an unasailable score

photowannabe said...

Love your varied W posts. The water on the wreath is wonderful.
Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments they are most appreciated.

NYCindividual said...

Beautiful, greta, detailed closeup of the wreath! I love pics with water droplets.

Unknown said...

Come see the most embarrassing moment of my life, over at my Wordless Wednesday! I like your Wordless Wednesday post! Hope you had a great Holiday!


Andrea said...

WONDERFUL "W" post for ABC Wednesday.

DigitalShutterMania said...

Wonderful "W" especially the first photo.

How can I have the ABC Wednesday scroll bar list like you?


kml said...

Your wreath is beautiful - the water drops really add to it!

dot said...

Your pictures are really nice. I especially like the windmill!

Jim Baker said...

wow... great W pics... i love your macro work we'll have to talk sometime... shoot me an e-mail or something... i just bought a 250d and am headed to Hawaii in Jan... i'm looking fwd to getting some great flower shots there.

jim baker

Priscilla George said...

That magnolia wreath looks beautiful. I have never seen these before. I love the varied colors of the leaves. I'm such a leaf junky. Those building are beautiful such wonderful architecture.

bonnie said...

I'm frustrated. I can't get the scrollbox to work. I can create the list as per your instructions to Newbie, but no scrolling going on.

kbguy said...

wow, nice photos. Now I feel ashame of my photo blog...I am so lousy. lol! Can we exchange link ?
my other site is at