Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pink Flowering Dogwood

Pink Flowering Dogwood
Cornus florida var. rubra
(KOR-nus) (FLOR-ih-duh)

When we visited the farm on Sunday they had two pink Dogwoods planted in the circular driveway. I really fell in love with this one. It has the deepest color I have seen this season. The Dogwood was also beautiful but not like this one. My guess is that this is ‘Cherokee Chief’ but it had an even deeper color than they usually do.

We got the job at the farm and I am looking forward to working with the owner. I was working at the other farm yesterday and the garden has come alive there. We put in 20 new roses and overall the rose garden looks good. There are a couple of roses that are struggling and they have another week or two to get their act together before they get the ax.

I am starting a big job in Greenwich, Connecticut today. There is always a little anxiety before plunging in. The owner seems very nice with a genuine desire to have a nice garden.

I happened to notice this Hoover Fly when I went to take a picture of the Daffodil.


Priscilla George said...

Wonderful bloom color on the dogwood. I'm really starting to see alot about these plants lately. Good luck with your new job today. I'm sure you will do great and the owner won't be too difficult.

Sandy Kessler said...

pink dogwood I have it in 3 separate paintings in my bedroom

Ki said...

They seem to have redder and redder varieties of dogwoods at garden centers but the ones I've seen always have fairly light center while the dogwood in your photo is almost completely red. That's an outstanding cultivar.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

The funny thing about this dogwood was it was quite old. Maybe it isn't a cultivar and was just from a very pink strain of seed. The color is slightly washed out here on the net if you can believe that.

Thanks everyone for commenting.