Friday, July 11, 2008

Mexican Aster (Cosmos bipinnatus)

Mexican Aster
Cosmos bipinnatus
(KOS-mus) (by-pin-NAY-tus)

There was some seed left over from last year that I found in March and just mixed up some Celosia, Marigolds and Cosmos and spread it over the Bearded Iris area. The Cosmos is the only one that really took although there are a few Marigolds coming along now. It is one of the driest parts of the garden and there is no irrigation in that area. The couple of different Alliums and Lychnis have been happily seeding themselves in that bed for years now and sometimes it is difficult to find the Iris.

Cosmos has 20 to 25 species (depending on who you listen to) that are mostly native to Mexico. It was another of the plants that was found to be fashionable in Victorian times. Breeding has taken a lot of the initial problems out of the plant and it is now available in all sorts of heights and colors. They attract butterflies and make an excellent cut flower. I like the shorter growing varieties as they seem to be much more manageable but find most all Cosmos to be beautiful. Pinching seems to help with the height issue and I often cut the plants back after their first wave of blooms. The lack of water seems to have stunted these a bit as this flower was about 10 inches tall. That was ok with me.


WiseAcre said...

It was Ok with me too. If only they were perennial. But they're so easy to grow I always recommend them to others even though I am an un-annual gardener.

I'm so happy you came to visit my site. I've found yours to be a source of inspiration and only wish I could take such stunning photos. Getting a nice word from you meant a lot to me. Thanks

Roses and Lilacs said...

Beautiful photo...also the lilies below. I love to come here and see your pictures.

My lilies haven't started to bloom yet. They are a favorite.

Anonymous said...

Here in south Florida, my cosmos tend to reseed themselves quickly. I planted them one year and have been pleasantly surprised each new year with new plants! I love it.

Tink *~*~* said...

Cosmos are some of my all time favorites! They are so easy to grow and care for too.

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Sandy Kessler said...


Digital Flower Pictures said...

wise acre, I like your site. Keep working that camera your getting really good results.

R and L, thanks for visiting. Lilies are a garden classic and I hope yours bloom as well as some of the ones I have seen this year.

kate, you are sooooo lucky to garden in South Florida I love it down there.

tink, nice of you to stop by again. It is nice that Cosmos are beautiful and easy to grow. Try experimenting with some of the new cultivars.

Hi sandy, thanks for commenting. Your continued support is wonderful.