Monday, November 09, 2009

Black and White Maui Flowers

Black and White Maui Flowers
New Guinea Impatiens
Impatiens x hybrida
Synonyms: Impatiens hawkeri

These flowers were blooming in the up country part of Maui. I was leaning over a little planting bed taking pictures when someone walked up and that they were all native Hawaiian plants. I didn’t say anything because the bed did have some native looking stuff but I knew these flowers were native to South Africa.

It is one of my favorite annuals and we still grow it even though some years it doesn’t look that great. When it is on it is one of the most classy, dainty and dignified annuals in the garden.

When I visit Hawaii I expect to see some different things. It is in the tropics and a long, long way from home (5,000 miles) so things are bound to be a little different.

However I really didn’t get this Buddha with a chain around its neck. It was weird and went right over my head (probably better that way). Here is a regular Buddha that was ‘normal’.


DeniseinVA said...

Wonderful black and white photos. Not sure why the chain either, maybe artistic license? The richness of the color in your last photo was beautiful.

Carolyn Ford said...

Very nice black and white...and the last photo of Buddha is so rich in color against the green background. I really like this one.