Saturday, November 07, 2009

Daylily ‘Lavender Illusion’

Daylily ‘Lavender Illusion’

This large flowered Hybrid Daylily was introduced in 1975. It really had unusual color. It is considered to be a diploid type that grows to about 30 inches tall. There seems to be some variation of color between plants and even individual flower stalks. Maybe that is where the illusion part comes in.

The freeze came last night and the flower garden looks almost completely wasted. The Nemesia and some of the mums might make it but we will have to see what happens when the sun comes up. I have to work today but I am not complaining about it. We just got a large transplanting job and it needs to get started as soon as possible. The two largest plants are a eight inch caliper Variegated Japanese Maple and a ‘Hoopsi’ Blue Spruce that is about 12 feet tall.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Eight inch caliper Maple? That is a good size! We had a light frost last night, but the plants seem to be unaffected. said...

OH..I dfid not know nothing about....thanks so much, dear

great macro shot

unusual flowers and so beautiful
have a nice weekend

Flowers Philippines said...

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