Friday, November 06, 2009

Mums and Snapdragons

Mums and Snapdragons

This is one of the late season containers we planted at work. The mums are the ‘premium’ type and I am not sure exactly what type they are. Every year some of the pots get changed over to something like this when the regular annuals get tired.

This pot had some Salvia ‘Argentine Skies’ and they did okay but there wasn’t a lot of color at the end of the season. You can’t see it but there is also a ‘Blackie’ Sweet Potato and some Brachyscome multifida daisies in this pot. They were left over form the summer and still looked good.

Thankfully the forecasted snow didn’t come last night. We are in for a windy and cold day for today. Tonight it is supposed to drop to 27 degrees F and that is going to finish the garden around here. The gardens at work have a forecasted temperature of 32 degrees, which means a lot of cleanup on Monday.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

27??? brrr---- Love the colors on that Snap.

Unknown said...

That looks really nice. I've often wondered what other flowers one would put next to those florist (I've also seen them labeled as "football"?) mums, but the snaps are a good companion.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

it is cold here. I have already had the heat on a couple of nights but this is going to be the coldest so far.

Hi Kim, the pot came out nice but was kind of this what we have for flowers so make it happen type of thing. A happy accident, I guess.