Monday, November 30, 2009

Golden Tickseed

Golden Tickseed
Coreopsis tinctoria
(kor-ee-OP-sis) (tink-TOR-ee-uh)
Synonyms: Plains Coreopsis, Calliopsis, Coreopsis cardaminefolia, C. stenophylla

This beauty was still blooming at Wave Hill in the Bronx yesterday. There was quite a few flowers out there and it kind of threw off my plans to take some pictures of seed heads and other decayed flowers. The multiple types of Salvia were really still looking good and here and there some fall foliage was left. It was a nice day although I didn’t end up staying too long.

Golden Tickseed comes in a variety of colors but mostly yellow and orange with a red eye. It doesn’t seem as refined as the more popular types of Coreopsis but does fine in the border or wild areas. It likes a little leanness in the soil and can adapt to wet or dry conditions. The flowers can get 2 to 3 feet tall and can fall over after heavy rains. It doesn’t really need deadheading but I find it to be more floriferous if you do.

Of course I had to look at the Wave Hill Cactus collection and decided to take a black and white of this Nipple Cactus (Mammillaria). It is fitting since Karen and I have a extra long weekend planned for Sedona, Arizona next weekend. Hopefully there will be some opportunities to shoot these cactuses in the wild.

This was more of the kind of picture I was after originally but the flowers and colors in the garden distracted me.


Bradley Hsi said...

It is amazing that you can still find this beautiful golden tickseed in full bloom at this time of the year. The B&W photo of the cactus is amazing. Have a nice vocation in Arizona.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks G&B. We are really looking forward to getting out of here :)

Inday said...

I used to be a cactus collector until I had thorn infection sustained out from caressing their surfaces. But it didn't stop me from liking them. Easy to grow especially in soil not suitable for other plants.

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